The person’s name is Matt Haag, but he is better known by his identity on video game, Nadeshot, where it generates nearly $ 1 million per year of playing Call of Duty.

The work carried out by this 22-year-old man was simply pressing a button, but he and his team have a nutritionist, who keeps them to always in a good performance. They just finished exercising on a stationary bike, and have their blood taken for check. In fact they also do yoga to care their wrists so that they can move better.

Haag, sponsored by Red Bull, spend time with his the head connected to all kinds of cables, which can be able to see how the brain reacts on a virtual battle; the hope is that the experts can use the data to improve its performance through a variety of exercises, based on information from the New York Times.

Not surprisingly, Haag, who came from Chicago, raised by a video game. His father calls him as a “loner,” but when playing the game, he would yell at the players to follow him.

As a teenager, he attended the event or activity of video games, but it was not until recently that he began to make money from his hobby of playing the game. Three years ago, he had worked at McDonald’s.

Finally the video game competition gave him an income and success. Key to his success is the online presence, especially in social media. His fans are not only who watch him playing games, but he also posted a video journal on YouTube and across social media.

Haag also said that he does not know what makes people interested in him, which is why he also wants to know. He did not feel himself as an entertainer because what he just doing a routine job like everyone else.

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