There are about more than 1 million applications available for Smartphone and tablets. Some applications come from a bad idea. Some just had an average functions. However, there is also very innovative developers that can change the way we do things better with our Smartphone or Tablet. Here are the five applications that maybe useful for us.

1. Storing old photographs

Heirloom Mobile Apps  5 Mobile Apps That Will Amazed You heirloom apss

You may have photo albums, which requires treatment, plus if there is a flood or fire, it could damage the old photographs. Some peoples scan their old photos with the scanner to make it as a digital image. But the scanning is a long and slow process.
We need to get photos from the album, put it in the scanner and wait for the scanning process to complete. After that maybe we should do the editing on the results of the scan. Such as straightening, cropping, adjust the color, and cleaning patches form scanning results if any.

Now there is an application that can store photos into digital images in a snap. This application name is called Heirloom (Free for iOS, Android). We just took a picture of the old photo and this application will crop and do the color adjustments automatically. Even you do not have to take it out their album photo; this will help reducing the risk of damaging and loosing the pictures.
We also can upload the photos to Facebook, Twitter or other sites, or upload to Heirloom social networking. You can upload as many photos as you want.

2. Getting better customer service

FastCustomer Mobile Apps  5 Mobile Apps That Will Amazed You Fast Customer

How much time do we spend when contacting a customer service and wait to get our call answer? We can use our time for many other things instead of waiting our call getting answer by the operator.

That’s what why we need have to have this application, it’s called FastCustomer (Free for iOS, Android). So if we call customer service and wait for them to pick up our call, then FastCustomer will remind you after your phone have been picked up by the operator

3. Sleep Recorder

Sleep Talk Recorder Mobile Apps  5 Mobile Apps That Will Amazed You sleeptalk recorder

Many people like to talk in their sleep or delirium, but if no one is listening, then we never know what we are saying. So activate Sleep Talk Recorder (Free for iOS, Android) before going to bed, it will start recording what you are doing when you are a sleep.
The next day, you can listen to it. This application is also good for detecting health problems, such as symptoms of insomnia.

4. Looking at the world around you

TagWhat Mobile Apps  5 Mobile Apps That Will Amazed You tagwhat

In science fiction movies, especially in the scene with a robot, often there is a scene where we see the world from the point of view of the robot. Usually on the view will see an additional text of information for everything that the robot sees.
We can do the same thing; even we do not need a sophisticated technology such as Google Glass or Oculus Rift. We only need to use augmented reality applications such as Tagwhat (Free iOS, Android).

When we use these applications and point the camera of the Smartphone or tablet to a company or business then it would seek information on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social sites. You can even see comments and reviews from other people about the business or the company.

When the application pointed to a building or object then we will get more information, or you can try to take a walk around the city and see what information can be provided by TagWhat.

5. Measure without a ruler

Easy Measure Mobile Apps  5 Mobile Apps That Will Amazed You EasyMeasure

Do you ever need to measure something, but you do not have the equipment at that time? Maybe the object that we want to measure is too big or too far when only use our hand to measure it? Well, with this smart application, we can measure virtually all small objects in the house, and even for objects such as buildings and many more.

EasyMeasure (Free for iOS, Android) lets you drive the Smartphone or tablet camera to any object and look at the screen for it dimensions. It still takes a little effort from us, unless we have a camera phone or tablet with Intel RealSense like Dell Venue 8 7000. However, we already know how to use the application, we can certainly find many ways to use it.

Which application do you interested?