Many people feel worried when suddenly knew that they are running out the internet quota. Because this will causes some lines to communicate not working or disconnected.

This also will result that we cannot send a message via WhatsApp, check the status of our friends on social media, and contacting friends through Line.

This course will lead us to a not functioning Smartphone. Since the absence of an internet connection, there were no entertainments such as YouTube, online games, even there are bi music streaming.

Several Internet service providers there is also provided an unlimited package, but usually after the quota was exhausted, the connection speed will be reduced so that it becomes slow. So there are still a limitations of course.

Maybe we should be able to plan in advance on how to use of data plan on Smartphone. So we will not be confused by the sudden quota exhausted. Things to note is how we use the Internet facilities, as this will be important on how we use the data.

Below are some important things that can cause your internet quota runs out quickly.

1. Uploading Videos to YouTube

Often peoples do not realize that a lot of uploading videos to YouTube without conscious of the existence of quotas Internet. For a high resolution video (HD), will drain a quota of 200 MB per minute.

So if our monthly upload HD quality video as much as 5 videos, the internet package that you use only 1 GB quota. It is certainly an existing quota will quickly drain away. So it is better to use a WiFi connection if it is necessary to upload the video.

2. Video Conferences

Other things that can drain the internet quota is a Video Conferences, thsis is the use of video or chat using video. The amount of bandwidth that is used will vary depending on the type of application and the video resolution. Usually for Conferences or video chat with video facilities using a bandwidth of 3 MB per minute. So for those who want to save their internet quota it helps reduce the use of these Conferences video.

3. Online Game

If we are a big fan of games or online games. We should select the games that do not use a lot of bandwidth so it does not reduce the quota of the Internet. Some games such as Two Dots or With Friends only using few KB per minute.

But for real-time action game such as Asphalt 8 or Modern Combat 5: The blackout, itd will use 1 MB per minute. So the longer we play these games the greater the volume of data is used.

4. Music Streaming

The use of music streaming music is quite practical; to listen to the song you just need an internet connection, then just choose streaming websites like Guvera or Rdio. And we do not need to save the file on the memory card.
But surely we should monitor how much data is used for streaming music. Because if we play music with resolution of 320 Kbps only in a minute we’ve been using a data volume of 2.4 MB per minute. So in one hour we’ve been using for 115 MB of data.

5. Video Streaming

YouTube, iTunes, Vimeo and Hulu are some video streaming services available today. Various types of customized video enthusiasts were available, such as movie trailers, music videos, and even full-length movies can be found.
Sometimes we forget because of the large selection of videos according to our tastes, and did not notice that the consumption for video streaming can absorb as much as 50 MB per minute.

If we are using the internet package is limited, so its good stored offline video format.

Do you have experiences running out internet quota?