Fortune Magazine is one of prestigious business magazine created a ranks of technology companies that are most admired.

The company is included in the list is operating in various industrial sectors, not only from the technology industry. But its look like that the company who operates in the world of technology dominates the top rankings.
The following technology companies included in the top rankings.


Apple Office  7 The Most Admired Technology Company Apple Office
This is the sixth time for Apple being in the top of the list. It’s not only in technology companies, but it is the culmination of all companies that have been included in Fortune magazine review.

Apple is facing considerable challenges. But they are still the most profitable companies in the world.

Gadget like case of the iPhone and iPad has become a prestige of its own for fans of Apple. This is still establishing their existence in premium market segment.

2. Google

Google Office  7 The Most Admired Technology Company Google Office


This biggest online search is ranked on a second place on the overall list. There have been many innovations that have been made to make them admired by the world community.

Android were one of the innovations that have been made as the operating system for Smartphone, and its most in many Smartphone in the world today. Beside there is YouTube with the growing traffic everyday.

With all the innovation that Google it’s generates billions of dollars from the advertisements. Many job seekers include Google in their top list, since many people dream to be able to work at Google.

Amazon Office  7 The Most Admired Technology Company Amazon office
Amazaon has already almost sold all sorts of thing and grow into a large e-commerce. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos.

Customer satisfaction on service from Amazon is hard to match. Plus a fairly cheap price makes it the choice of many consumers.

Interesting innovation has ever done is when they issuing the android tablet PC called the Kindle Fire sells with affordable price compared to the price offer by the competitors at the time.

4. IBM
IBM Office  7 The Most Admired Technology Company ibm office
A company name that has long exists in the world of technology and still remains respected. They still produce a high enough income in the enterprise sector.

Many innovations have been made. Like super computer that has the most advanced computing capabilities. This is IBM innovations that have made them famous and provide contribution to the development of science.

5. Microsoft
Microsoft Office  7 The Most Admired Technology Company Microsoft Office
For the PC market, Microsoft can hardly unchallenge. Up to now the Windows operating system is still a favorite for many computer users. Moreover, they recently released Windows 10.

There are many applications that they produce is still used such as Office. From revenue point of view it can be said it’s stable.

Even though there are still many difficulties in the Smartphone sector. There are still some successful products that they just made, such as the Xbox which became the best-selling product on its segment.

6. Samsung
Samsung Office  7 The Most Admired Technology Company samsung office
They are the biggest manufacturer for mobile phones and Smartphone in the world’s today. That one of the reason made Samsung name becomes popular lately.

Beside their products Smartphone like Galaxy and Galaxy Note series receives good respond in the market. Also, Samsung is one of the world’s largest television manufacturers.

It is estimated that Samsung will continue domination in Smartphone and television industry despite there are many competition.

7. Intel
Intel Office  7 The Most Admired Technology Company intel office
All PCs on the market is using processors made by Intel. From there we can see how their domination in the processor industry.

Since many consumers today are interested in mobile gadgets. And dominance to the mobile processor controlled by ARM from UK is making Intel feel worry. Since most mobile phone use processors made by ARM.

However, Intel began to seriously shake the dominance of ARM. They’ve released some Intel Atom-based Smartphone in collaboration with major vendors.

What is your favorite technology company?