Apple hire jailbreak app developer.

Peter Hajas  7 Hackers who get a legit job with their skill peter hajas

Peter Hajas

Peter Hajas is the creator of Mobile Notifier application which is a popular jailbreak iOS applications. MobileNotifier is a notification system that resembles Google Android that will perform notification on top the running application.

A few months after the application is launched, Hajas inform on his blog that he stop making the jailbreak application, and then he also tweeted that he joined Apple. From his Profile it can be seen that his status is an intern at Apple, which this is the initial path for every developer who works at Apple.

Microsoft and Google try to get the Nintendo Wiimote hackers.

Johnny Chung Lee  7 Hackers who get a legit job with their skill johnny chung lee

Johnny Chung Lee

Johnny Chung Lee, actually can be referred as a modder than hackers. Lee is a renowned computer scientist who managed to hack the Nintendo Wiimote in 2008 by using a pen and infrared light. He was later hired by Microsoft to develop Kinect technology. But Google took him to be a “rapid evaluator” on the experimental application.

US Government hire senior hackers

Jeff Moss  7 Hackers who get a legit job with their skill jeff moss

Jeff Moss

Jeff Moss is the founder of the Black Hat and DEF CON, computer hackers conference. But in the 1980s, he was running an underground bulletin board system for the hackers. In 2009, he was awarded with a job offered as a consultant by the Homeland Security Advisory Council of the US, and in April, he was appointed chief security officer for ICANN. Turns out this are not a normal path: The Guardian said that one of the four hackers now employed by the US government.

Facebook employs a Facebook worm creator.

Chris Putnam  7 Hackers who get a legit job with their skill Chris Putnam

Chris Putnam

In his the early studies at Georgia Southern University, Chris Putnam and his friends created XSS based worm on Facebook that can modify a page becoming like a MySpace profile if infected.

In 2006 Putnam, then 19 years old, received a note from one of the Facebook founders Dustin Moskovitz that said like this (this is Putnam’s own words): “Hey, it’s funny but it seems you remove the contact information from the user profile, when you the worm did the replication. That not cools. ”

Both of them kept in touch, but at the time of Putnam decided to get out of college and want to work in Silicon Valley. Muskovitz offered a job as an engineer. His achievement so far is that he did develop video applications for Facebook.

iPhone worm creator becoming iPhone application developer.

Ashley Towns  7 Hackers who get a legit job with their skill Ashley Towns e1416205867367

In 2009, an Australian a man named Ashley Towns age 21-year-old. Download iOS application development programs, and unwittingly created the first iPhone worm. The virus automatically adjust the wallpaper with and image of a singer Rick Astley . Within short time he was in hired by the Mogeneration, an iPhone application developer based in Sydney, Australia.

Twitter worm maker become application developers.

Michael Mooney  7 Hackers who get a legit job with their skill michael mooney

Michael Mooney

Also in 2009, a 17-year old high school student from Brooklyn named Michael “Mikeyy” Mooney makes the worm code for Twitter, and it’s send tweets from hundreds of accounts, most of the contents is a links to spam sites or Mooney phone numbers. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone equate Mooney worms similar to Samy worm that attacked MySpace in 2005 and said it they would sue Mooney.

In an interview with ABC News, Mooney said he received several job offers after making the worm. And he had received a job as a developer at a company in Oregon, exqSoft Solutions.

Wired magazine hired hackers who breach into the FBI computer system.

Kevin Poulsen  7 Hackers who get a legit job with their skill Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen managed to infiltrate the radio station KIIS-FM LA computer system. However, this onlye for a competition that eventually gave him a Porsche as the prize. After that he managed to get into the FBI computer system. This makes his name appear on the list of suspects wanted by federal agents. He was arrested in 1991 and jailed for five years. In addition to that he needs to pay a fine of $ 56,000. He was charges with email, and computers fraud. After his serving time, Poulsen became a journalist, and now he is a senior editor at Wired magazine. One of his most famous achievements was to create a program that able to identify hundreds of sex offenders on MySpace.

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