There have been a lot of viruses hanging around since the computer technologies exist. Maybe we’ve heard names like stuxnet virus, webmoner, rammit, and various viruses that are difficult to eradicated.

Facebook also help the computer viruses spread of the virus attack. The virus will utilizing the feature on Facebook such us through status and Facebook chat. The form can be phishing, through a slit XSS, scam (usually in the form of article), and malware.

Here are the 7 computer viruses that harmful to your computer:

  1. Stuxnet, the virus has makes an excitement and caused a significant impact, it will making capacity of the hard drive full which eventually display a notification “low disk space”. This is because the Stuxnet create junk files that make file continues to grow in it measurement.
  2. Ramnit, is one of the viruses that successfully replaced the role of Sality virus in 2011. Ramnit will infect all executable files (.exe) on your computer. This computer viruse has made a lot of computer infected back in 2011.
  3. Webmoner, this virus has similarity on how it’s work with Ramnit. It will make 4 file shortcut, but in fact the file is served as a trigger and the active the virus would have a file extension that is mso.sys sys.
  4. Fontagent, similar to Webmoner, this virus will create a shortcut file. However, the file that will trigger the virus active is a file with font such extension or setup50039.fon setup50045.fon. Many people get infected because they did not realize it, because the thought it’s only font file.
  5. Kolab, is a virus that is spreading through Facebook chat. This virus has a metamorphic abilities and it make difficult to identify because despite having a name and file size are the same, but it’s has the same hash algorithm. The technique used by the virus is fakeurl (fake links), so when user get infected it seems the user is downloading the image file, but it is actually a virus.
  6. FakeAV, which is also quite dangerous virus. The virus uses the concept of a fake anti-virus application. He will trick the computer user with a notification that the computer is infected, and asking computer users to activate it by way of making online payments.
  7. Slugin, when computer get infected by this virus, then the computer will send spam to the list of contacts on the computer.

Have your computer infected by these viruses?