As we already know Apple has produced a lot of innovative products that have been well received by many people around the world. Like iPad and iPhone that has been used by many people today.

But there is also Unsuccessful Apple products that failed because it is not well accepted by many people.
Here are the 7 products:

1. Apple III (1981)

Apple III  7 Unsuccessful Apple Products appleiii resize

Apple III

Apple made the Apple III as the successor of the popular Apple II. Unfortunately the hardware is not qualified and Apple also is competing with IBM PC in the business market which being marketed in the same year. At the same time the PC compatible market is growing rapidly.

2. Lisa (1983)

Lisa II  7 Unsuccessful Apple Products lisa2 resize

Lisa II

Apple manufactures a commercial computer with the operating system that used graphical user interface, and it was launch with the price of USD 9,995. However, when the Macintosh released in to the market a year after Lisa launched, peoples has missing the enthusiasts of Lisa.

3. NeXT Computer (1989)

NeXT Computer  7 Unsuccessful Apple Products nextcomputer resize

NeXT Computer

This computer is the work of Steve Jobs when he was forcibly fired from Apple. At that time it was the most advance and sophisticated computer. Unfortunately the computer is too expensive for regular home user.

4. Puck Mouse (1998)

Puck Mouse  7 Unsuccessful Apple Products mouse worst resize

Puck Mouse

After Steve Jobs return to Apple in 1996, Apple issued an iMac and it was a huge success. However, the mouse that came with the iMac is too small, and when it being use it could not distinguish the direction of movement of the mouse, because it is invisible since it was closed by the user palms and it was too complicated to use this mouse.

5. The Cube (2000)

The Cube  7 Unsuccessful Apple Products g4 cube resize

The Cube

This computer has won multiple awards from the design standpoint. While in the market its failed because it was too expensive. Beside there was no more functions it’s when compared with Mac computers. However this product is becoming a legend of its own. Since there are not a lot of people willing to spend their money for the design only. After that the idea of The Cube followed by the Mac Mini which is sufficient to fulfill the market demand, although the design is nothing special.

6. iTunes Phone (2005)

iTunes Phone  7 Unsuccessful Apple Products motorola rokr resize

iTunes Phone

In 2005, Apple is working together with Motorola Inc. and launched the ROKR series. The Motorola ROKR works well as a phone, but as a music player so far behind compare with the iPod. Storage capability is very limited; it can only hold 100 songs. Besides, the transfer process from the computer to the phone is slow. Users also can not download songs over the cellular network, and this led to Apple being criticized for the same thing applies to iPhone on its the initial generation.

7. Apple TV (2007)

Apple TV  7 Unsuccessful Apple Products Apple TV size

Apple TV

Another Apple Innovation is Apple TV, the product is only a small box that can be connected to a TV and a Mac. Came with the package is a small remote, so the user can listen to the music and watch movie from your Mac in TV. However, these products are too expensive and for the installation it is quite difficult. Movies purchased from iTunes were in low resolution and its blur when played on HDTV. Finally, in 2010, Apple introduced the Apple TV which is better, cheaper and can be connected to the internet.

Do you have unsuccessful Apple products?