Recently a Japanese company called Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) has been releasing a new product. The product that they show is a Super AMOLED touch screen that can be folded into three sections. That really makes the product unique and interesting.

Overall the screen is a touch screen looks similar to other flexible that introduced by LG. Only difference is that the touch screen made by LG can be rolled up, while the Super AMOLED screen produce by SEL is foldable. It could even be fold to three sections.

The ability for this touch screen is not only on its flexibility. However, the screen also has a Full HD resolution. SEL said that three flexible display that can be folded up to 100 thousand times. With the existence of this advanced flexible display it’s expected will be applicable in a real device, such us an e-reader or tablet.

Beside the 8.7 inch screen SEL also produce a model with a smaller screen that is 5,9 inchi. However this model is not a touch screen and it’s only have 720p HD resolution.

What do you think?