Fuffr – Mobile phone casing with an extended capabilities remotely

Currently we are noticing, today Smartphone screen is bigger. Even there is a term “phablet” because the big screen so great that it makes us doubt whether we should call their phone or tablet. Maybe some peoples like the size of the screen used, but the idea to bring the phone is too big and cause problems, because it does not fit in a pocket or less comfortable to use. Fuffr provide another alternative. Rather than physically expanding your screen, why not use embedded sensors to expand the boundaries of the Smartphone screen. This can be done by placing the sensor on your phone, then put it on a flat surface and begin to use it by touching the area within it reach. We are not entirely sure that this usable, but this is cool stuff, and we also want to see what kind of applications are created that will work with the sensor.

Fuffr Casing  Advanced Technology Devices That Could Not Purchased Yet fuffr

Pantelligent – Smart frying pan

Pantelligent look and feel the same as other frying pan – but it has a few features that make it more advance than the common frying pan. In addition to temperature sensors embedded in the middle of the pan, Pantelligent also equipped with Bluetooth radios LE on the handle, which can transmit temperature data to a mobile phone or tablet. Once the phone is synchronized, specifically for mobile phone applications, it can tell us about the temperature, and what is good temperature to use, and even tells know us when to add ingredients, stirring, or flipping the food. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and adjust the heat stove as directed. Software Pantelligent know what the ideal time to cook and temperature for a variety of different foods, so long as you follow the instructions, you will end up with a dish that is perfect cook every time we are cooking.

Coffeeboxx – All Terrain Coffee Makers

It’s designed for use on rough environment, Coffeeboxx built to “crush-proof, dust-proof, spill-proof, rust resistant, waterproof, and impact resistant.” Do not believe it? Take a look at the video above. The Oxx team proved with spilled a beer, thrown to the back of the pickup and let it slide for weighted-overlap alternately. Then they put small explosives, and even parked the Jeep Wrangler four Coffeeboxxes – and the coffee maker was still smooth, it’s all thanks to the robust construction made from polymers. Maybe if we work close to a coffee shop, we do not need it. But if we work on remote locations as far away such as in the forest, and the distance away from the nearest Starbucks, maybe Coffeboxx can be a worthwhile investment.

Trunkster – Clever Suitcase without zippers

Trunkster is another smart luggage design. Trunkster has roll top polycarbonate doors that are durable, allowing quick and easy access to our stuff. It also comes with a built-in scale, so it can guess how much theweight, and built in GPS transceiver that lets us know the whereabouts. If we get separated with Trunkster, simply run the Smartphone application, and follow the map on the screen find it. So we do not need to lose our vacation time at the airport for attempting to find the luggage.

Which of these devices is useful?