Amazon’s Alexa app for iOS finally gets voice control amazon alexa ios

Way back at the beginning of the year (seemingly 24 or 25 months, at this point), Amazon brought voice control to its Alexa app for Android. The move marked a big step toward the company’s push onto third party mobile devices. At the time, it added that it would bring similar functionality to the iPhone “soon” — a promise it’s delivering on today.

Users who’ve downloaded the smart assistant on iOS will be able to ask the app for assistance starting today. It’s not baked in natively, of course (turns our Apple’s got a smart assistant of its own it’s pretty fond of), so that interaction requires a tap of the button.

From there, however, you can ask Alexa questions, listen to music, access skills and control smart devices — you know, the standard Alexa fare. Queries like weather, sports, calendar and movies will also offer up a visual component in the app.

The update will be rolled out to users in “the coming days” as a free download.