As we can see today Android has proven itself able to compete with other mobile operating systems. Android is an operating system for mobile devices, that developed by the company with the same name, the Android Inc.

With its popularity as the operating system, many Smartphone and mobile devices have been using it as their operating system. Supported with a wide variety of Android-based applications, that continues to grow in its number. There is a simple application, and there is also a complex and sophisticated applications. This is all the idea from a developer that wanted to provide assistance to a an Android Smartphone users.

Applications that will be discussed here, is a financial management application. Indeed, there has never been thought of before on a mobile-based financial application. But that’s idea that come from a developers, which always try to find an application that can make the life ease for the Android-based Smartphone users in particular.

Following are four best financial management for Android.


Mint  Android 4 Best Financial Management Applications mint

Mint is one of the popular financial management applications. Its features are well suited to the needs of users who are in the field of finance. CNN Money, PC Magazine, Wire and more IT magazines have given a good comment for this application. All settings can be done from one screen. In addition to managing income users, this application can also set up a bank account, savings, checking, cash and transactions during the month. For security provided password.

Expense Manager

Expense Manager  Android 4 Best Financial Management Applications expense manager

Expense Manager, with this application we can easily add and control our spending. In fact, we can estimate the budget per day, week, month and year depending on our needs. The data from these applications can be exported to excel file, so that we will be able to make a better report. Also equipped with an alarm that will alert when there are bills need to be paid.


Manilla  Android 4 Best Financial Management Applications manilla

Not a lot of people know this application, because it is still in the process of development. Features carried on this application is easy for users to store and monitor data collection account.


GNU Cash  Android 4 Best Financial Management Applications gnucash

GNUChas financial applications are applications that are reportedly suitable for the business owner. This is due to the easy to use and able to control spending and income. Thus providing it really convenience in monitoring financial flows.

If you are an Android user and need a good application to help you in managing your financial, these applications may be fit your needs. Hopefully you can you this article as a reference.

What Financial applications do you use now?