Previously we have made an article about making Android applications using Eclipse IDE tutorial. In this article we will explain how to develop Android applications using Android Studio. Android Studio is a new IDE that has been built by Google, which will replace the Eclipse, and became an official IDE for the manufacturer of Android applications.

Because Android Studio is the result of the development of Eclipse, it certainly has many new features compared to Eclipse. The difference with Eclipse, Android studies use Gradle for it build environment.

The following features in Android Studio:

  • Using Gradle-based build system is flexible.
  • Able to build multiple APK.
  • Provide templates that will support Google Services, as well as for other types of devices.
  • Provide a better editor layout.
  • Google Cloud Platform built-in support, it would be able to integrate with Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine.
  • etc.

The build was better when compared to Eclipse, is because Android Studio using Gradle. Another difference from the Eclipse is the package dependencies are no longer necessary. As well as having the advantage in view xml editor that is visually much better than Eclipse. However, there is no support for NDK / Native Development Kit, because Android Studio is still a beta version.

Android Studio Project  Android Application Development Using Android Studio androidstudio project

Keep in mind when we migrated from Eclipse to Android Studio since there is a difference. In Eclipse we use Workspace, while in the Android Studio Workspace is collection project in which called the Project. If we know the project in Eclipse, in Android Studio it is called Module.

We can easily move simple projects from Eclipse to Android Studio. This can be done because Gradle has features of direct import project from Eclipse. However, if many library dependencies are used in the project file, then it will require more effort to import them. In Eclipse there is no feature to import project directly from the Android studio.

At the time this article created, the Android Studio version is 0.8.6, and can be downloaded here . Libraries that exist in the version of popular Android today are using Android Studio Module, not Eclipse. So this is one of the reasons for using Android Studio.

Have you used this Android Studio?