Tutorial to Developed Android Applications Using Eclipse Part 5

The next step is to install the Android SDK (Standard Development Kit) in order to be able to develop an Android application. We need the Android SDK because it’s a very important tool that can help in developing application for Android.

To be able to update the repository, the computer needs to be connected directly to the Internet.

Let’s get started

First we need to download the Android SDK for Windows, after download is completed. We need to extract the file, the result after its extracted we can see a folder that created automatically that is android-sdk-windows.

Then we need to create a folder in the program files folder, for new folder we can use the Android as a name. After that copy the extract folder/files that has been extracted previously, and then copied into the new folder. Now we will have a folder name C: \ program files \ Android-sdk-windows.

Switched to Eclipse select Window> Preferences

Select and click the Android SDK Location and then navigate to the folder C: \ program files\Android-sdk-windows
Then Click Ok.

After that in Eclipse select Window> Android SDK Manager, it will look like.

Android SDK Manager  Android SDK Installation Android SDK Manager

With Android SKD Manager we can download the SDK that we need, in this article we will try to install the SDK for Android version 2.2 (froyo) then we need to mark the Android 2.2. If you want to install all, just mark it all.

SDK Android Froyo  Android SDK Installation SDK Android Froyo

Select Android SDK Froyo

Then after that click Install

Then select Accept All

Last Click Install

After that we wait for the installation process is complete.

If we follow the steps properly, then it should have the Android SDK installed without any problems. Now we should be ready to make Android applications using the Android Froyo.

What version of SDK for Android you like most?