In 1976 Apple produces their first computers and one of them is currently sold at the price of USD 905,000 that is about Rp1.08 million at an auction held in New York, USA.

Apple-1 currently is the most expensive computer relic most that ever sold at the moment, according to Bonham’s auction house.

The computer was created by Steve Wozniak in the early in Steve Jobs sister’s room in 1976.
It was expected that the antic computer will be sold at a price range of USD 350,000 to USD 400,000.

It turns out that the estimation was wrong, Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, State of Michigan willing to pay USD 905,000.

It was their choice because of the Apple-1 computer that was on auctioned was still in a very good condition, according to an auction expert in science Cassandra Hatton.

According to the Museum Henri Ford they were happy to be able to set a record for buying of antique computer. Especially the computer later will be placed in their museum.

Additional equipment that included with The Apple-1 that was on auction is motherboard, keyboard, monitor Sanyo brand, then there is a special power supply that were placed in a wooden box, and also two cassette players.

The Apple-1 that was auctioned is one from 50 units that made by Wozniak back in 1976, according to Bonham’s auction house.

How old the computer that you have now?