Apple’s design boss says his dislike the Xiaomi, because according to him they have been imitating the design of the iPhone. So Xiaomi boss defend itself.

“That I was not a compliment. But that is imitating, because they didn’t indulge in creativity and that make me hate them, “Ive said when asked to comment on Xiaomi.

Vice President of Xiaomi International Hugo Barra, felt the charges were unfair. He think that Samsung copied iPhone more than Xiaomi.

“We see the charge was unfair. As if we were not done like others did. We think they just doing this just to get a sensation, “he said on Monday (10/13/2014) in India Today.

“Alpha Galaxy recently introduced by Samsung. The Samsung has done better than what we have done. They have used the language design in the iPhone 5S to the next levels. But why we are being accused, “said Barra.

Xiaomi President Lin Bin, too, spoke. Her advice to Ive is to see and feel the Xiaomi phone first before he issued his opinion.

“Xiaomi is a transparent company Xiaomi, of course, we do not force people to use our products. However, we would recommend people to try first before they say anything about Xiaomi Smartphone, “said Lin.

“Also, we want to reward Ive a Xiaomi phone and want to know his comments after he try it,” he said.

Do you agree with this accusation?