A new mobile application that aims to raise awareness of gender equality helps people to find out who does most the talking men or women.

“There is research that we tend to measure the amount of time that people talk and exaggerating when the women spoke,” said Fredrik Eklof, co-founder and creator Gendertimer.

According to its creator Fredik Eklof who is also co-founder, “There was a study has been done that we should not underestimate a person at the time when he speak, and exaggerating the woman most widely spoken”.

Gendertimer is a free application that able to keep track of how much time is spent each male and female talk in general situations such as office meetings, private conversations or in groups and even on TV.

This application was made in Sweden, as we know Sweden is one of the leading countries that often do a study on gender equality and awareness. “What we want is something that can give us the data,” said Eklof.

When you are ready to find out exactly how much male and female spent talking in certain situations, you begin by starting the application and indicate how many members of each sex are present. Then, press the button, on the screen each time he or she began to speak. This application collects data that is easy to read and shows who most do the talking.

Currently he and Kristina Hedberg Bortz use Gendertimer to pursue their master’s degree in psychology at Lund University, Sweden. They have used this application in several different situations such as business meetings, discussion and debate on TV station.

“Our general impression is that men often talk more than women and not all men are aware of the fact that they did it,” said Eklof. “The same goes for women sometime they didn’t realize about the uneven distribution on their speech.”

Eklof said his team created this application as an attempt to help the office and groups who struggle with certain people who take too much “waste of time” in a conversation.

This application not only shows which sex do the talking most, but can also indicate whether men or women who most often speak. Eklof said that the obtained data can help a group determine whether they should stop giving the speaker so much “waste of time.”

Eklof said, in one case, there are groups who use the application in a business meeting and the results are surprising, because it was found that men talk 80 percent of the time provided, although in general many believe that women do the most are of talking.

Gendertimer can make the user feel uncomfortable because of its ability to find out who is talking the most, and it may not be desirable some people, according to Eklof. He said that these applications are usually not allowed to use for business or office except with the permission of the company’s management.

“Based on our experience is when this problem addressed and indeed one of the managers began to wonder if it’s important enough to do, then others will follow,” said Eklof.

Currently Gendertimer are trying to improve the application to be able automatically recognize when a man or woman to speak. This application is available for iPhone and Android platforms, and can also be accessed via computer.

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