The development of today’s advanced technology makes all the needs of peoples becomes easier. Event currently these advances in technology also used by students to help them with their study learn so they will be able to get their achievement.

For a students who want to increase the learning ability to more optimal. This application was designed specifically that purpose. The application name is Asana. The application already has the ability to help the students to everything more organized, for example the students can work together using this application, and they can monitor the deadlines of the assignment that they are working on.

At the moment the application is only available for iOS, that is iPhone or iPad. This application is able to arrange all the student activities, their assignment deadlines, and their group’s assignment.

According to Kelsey Aroian, Marketing Associate of Asana, usually the students store and manage their assignment through a notebook or personal computer and record it on the calendar. But with this mobile application, they can store and manage that entire thing in one place.

The application uses an English language so that all students from around the world can use it. And can be used for free, because the company that creates it has made this application available for free.

Hopefully this application can make the students becomes easier to manage their activities at their school or college. Besides, using Asana they will know how their ability in creating projects, based on lessons and the time line that has been set.

Do you thing this application interesting?