An appreciation has been given to a group of students from the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) for their successful applications that they had developed.

An application competition wass held by a large company of America in the field of technology, AT & T and IBM, which was held in Silicon Valley. The award for Best Public Safety App was given to the student for application called Realive. The application is the result of their hard work.

Five students from the Computer Science and Mathematics Geophysics faculty developed applications that can help handling the accident in real time. This application named Realive.

According to Daniel Oscar Baskoro, Project Manager of Realive, the applications they developed (Realive) has successfully passed through several stages of the process. After completion they presented it in front of a seven jury with a professional background, and came from leading companies in Silicon Valley.

He also added that Realive application is an application that can help when dealing with accidents in real time. The application is developed on Android base platform based and Google Glass. When using the application the user can send the information to the relevant agencies and close to the accidents site. Such as police officers, firefighters, health workers, and other agencies.

The application has provided 20 types of information for handling different scenario of accidents, and there is also information on disaster management. Officers who help also can see the latest information about the state of the accident that occurred.

Pride and happy perceived by the students which represented by Bahrunnur who worked as a programmer for the application. This is certainly due to the appreciation they get the technology industry at the center of the world.
Bahrunnur also express their gratitude to the university, youth ministry and the Indonesian Embassy who has provided assistance and support for their activities.

Besides Osca and Bahrunnur, other team member who involve in developing the applications are Zamahsyari (programmer), Sabrina Woro A (designer), Fansyuri jenar (copywriter), and Maulana Rizki (data analyst).

What do you think about the award that has been given to this student?