What category of gadgets for next trend? Smart Watch is already become a trend, now try to think about a bike, judging from the growth number of cyclists and the emergence of innovative new models like Teague ‘Denny’ e-bike.

China’s largest search engine, Baidu has participated in creating their Smart Bike, Dubike. The bike equipped with electrical power and loaded with technology that can monitor the fitness of its rider. Such as heart rate monitor, pedal speed level, and other sensors that are connected via Bluetooth to a Smartphone application. With all that equipment on the bike we will be able to monitor our health statistics, providing navigation, tracking the position of the bike and recommend routes cycling or fitness program through a social network that are some features and functions available on the Smart Bike.

This bike has a futuristic look designed by Baidu and the faculty od design Tsinghua University. The bike also have a tool that can transform kinetic energy into electrical energy. That provide the capabilitye of storing electrical energy that later will be used to run all the sensors and other devices.

However, Baidu does not provide feedback on the development of Operating System for Smart Bike conducted by the Institute of Deep Learning (IDL). They have launched the operating system for smart bike a month before. They plan to use the technology in Dubike and share it with other manufacturers. However the Baidu seems not to respond to their efforts.

Currently there is no information on price, weighing or other specifications, but they intend to launch it later this year. We doubt whether they will also sell it in Indonesia, but hopefully Baidu will provide inspiration for domestic bicycle manufacturers to produce more innovative Smart Bike.

Do you think smart bike will be the new trend in 2015?