Tutorial to Developed Android Applications Using Eclipse Part 3

There have been many questions such as how to create applications for Android? What should should we know first or what is needed to be prepared to be able to make an application on Android.

Well the answer to that question is tricky. However, the most important is that we have the willingness and desire to learn also to understand. Because even if we told you it’s practically easy, but still we want to be an expert.

There are three important things in making android application, the programming language, programming tools and the characteristics of Android itself.

Let’s study them one by one.

Programming Languages.

Android apps are mostly made by using the Java language, especially for the programming code. There were many other programming languages that can be used, but Java is the one widely used. Java that used in Android application is similar to the one that used for the PC, but there is an additional specific package that is required by Android. And there is also packaged in a Java package that eliminated in the original, if it is not needed by the Android.
Meanwhile, XML programming language is used for a display layout, for example to determine the button position, background images, text position and everything associated with the layout. In addition, XML is also used for resource management; create animations, and many others. We can use Java but to set the layout setting, but it is not practical.

So Java and XML is the main language used in programming on Android.

So if you already already familiar using Java for making an applications, this will be an advantage. For XML is similar to HTML because it is use property tags.

Android SDK (Standard Development Kit) is a tool that we will use in the development of Android apps when we decided to use the Java programming language to us.

If you want to use other languages, such as C or C ++, then we need of the Android NDK (Native Development Kit) as a development tool. However, writing programs using the Android NDK is not recommended, as it will make the development complicated. In addition, the use of C and C ++ will not improve application performance. So it’s better to use of the Android NDK, if indeed we can still using it only when we need to use existing libraries in the NDK. An example can be seen in applications that use signal processing, physics simulation, or program do not need a lot of memory allocation.

One of the other languages that are used to create Android applications is HTML 5, we can also get a variety of framework for the development of Android applications, and one of them is Adobe PhoneGap.

Programming Model

Object oriented is the programming model of Android applications, since Java is the language being used. Even the components on Android nearly all are classes and objects that we can use again (reusable).

Android Application Development Tool

IDE (Integrated Development Kit) which is used in making Java applications basically have the tools / plug-in that can be used to develop Android applications. But the easiest way is to use the Eclipse IDE. Because this tool has been the subject of discussion.

Here are the tools that we need. Please install sequentially from the first.

  1. For the development of the Java language, then we must have the JDK (Java Dev. Kit). You can download it here.
  2. We must also have the Eclipse, download it here.
  3. Then download the Android SDK, as this is the basic tools to create Android applications.
  4. Finally we need to intall the ADT Plugin for Eclipse, here the links that showed how to do it. The plug in will be helpful for us when making the Android applications using Eclipse.

Characteristics of Android

To helps us to understand the characteristics of the Android application. For example to know the files it used. There are many, but here we will only present the necessary files. There are 3 files that are important, that is:

  • The files that have the suffix .java, this is the file where it kept the code / main logic of a program written in the Java language.
  • The files that have the suffix .xml .xml file do mean a lot. Especially when it is associated with the appearance / layout program. But the .xml file is also commonly used to put values, such as strings used in the layout, as well as other properties, for setting the animation, process list, showing the effect of gradation / gradient and many more.
  • AndroidManifest is the last file, this file also has the suffix .xml but the important data is stored here is the one to run Android applications. As shown in at least some versions of Android that is able to run this application, such as a target application, declaration activities, the declaration of the name of the application, the declaration of the application icon and others.

That raps the few things that we must understand about Android application development. We also learn about Java and XML and other things over the discussion.

What programming language your familiar with?