Benchmark-Kalanick Uber board suit sent to arbitration gettyimages 630043962

We’ve just received the following statement from Shervin Pishevar’s team about the Benchmark Capital and Travis Kalanick suit regarding the Uber board.

According to the note, the Delaware Court sided with Kalanick and rejected the Benchmark suit.

“We are pleased with his honor’s decision sending the matter to arbitration. As the court recognized, this is a bilateral dispute between Benchmark and Travis Kalanick. As the court also recognized this matter should have been brought, if at all, in arbitration. We continue to believe that Benchmark filed this public lawsuit to vilify Travis Kalanick in the court of public opinion.
Now that the matter, has been ordered to arbitration, and with the appointment Of the CEO, We look forward to this company achieving even greater success.”


Featured Image: Udit Kulshrestha/Bloomberg via Getty Images/Getty Images