A study has been conducted to see if Bill Gates lives very extravagant, how long his wealth can be discharged. The results turn out that since Bill Gates is really rich, if he were living lavishly. Then it will take hundreds of years until his wealth is gone.

Bill Gates wealth currently is around USD 79 billion. So if he went for a shopping and spent USD 1 million or around Rp. 12 billion every day, then he will run out of money in 218 years. This is the information conveyed by Oxfam humanitarian agencies.

This is sound too much if he can spend Rp. 12 billion each day. Just imagine, with that the amount of money that he can buy a luxury house and car every day without fear of falling into poverty.

Based on the report that produce by Oxfam, there are currently 1,645 super-rich people with billions of dollars in their life, and Bill Gates is one of them. The reports actually showed about the gap for welfare that is increasing. The rich are richer, the poor get poorer.

Based on Oxfam that quoted from the Guardian, Sunday (11/02/2014), the total assets owned half the world’s poor is equal to the amount of wealth owned by the richest 85.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is reportedly the largest humanitarian organization in the world. Bill Gates is a very generous person. And whatever he donated, it will not make him losing his money.

What would you do if you rich like Bill Gates?