Prynt case is a device that can print photos directly from a mobile phone. This device is now available and can be order on Kickstarter. Retail price of these devices is planned in the price range of 99 dollars, or about 1 million rupiah, but the supporters who have been from the beginning to support the process of making these devices, can get it only at a price of 49 dollars, or about 500 thousand rupiah.

Seen in the video the socket where the phone will be place, now has been adapted to support phablets like iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note. But they have not shown a direct connection to the phone such as via USB, so the printing time still takes over 30 seconds.

Prynt is now able to be used with iPhone 5 / s / c / 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5. Besides equipped with the ability to print pictures, this device is equipped with an application that can help improve the photos better.

Are you interested in using this mobile phone case?