The specifications of today Smartphone is quite high, and has been used for various purposes. Smartphone can replace the presence of a computer. It now possible by using a device called Andromium.

With a combination of software and hardware that it has, the device lets use the Smartphone as a desktop computer. Just put Smartphone on a docking station and connect it to a monitor or television. After that, the display will appear on the screen Smartphone.

The screen display will look the same as the display on desktop computers in general. There will be a taskbar, as well as the display was already automatically created landscape to adjust the computer screen. With these tools we can also use the keyboard and mouse like on a computer.

Andromium Computer  Change Your Android Smartphone Becoming Computer Desktop andromium desktop

But unfortunately the Andromium do not support all types of Smartphone, is still limited to the Samsung Galaxy. However, no need to worry because the company that makes this Andromium had planned to make it available for other devices. Especially for devices with larger display sizes.

We can see in the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where Andromium been registered. If you want to join and participate still 40 days away, and the target is not too big they offered only 100 thousand USD. We only need to spend money for 29 USD if you want to buy the Andromium with the software.

Are you ready to turn your Smartphone into desktop computer?