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We’re a mere two and a half weeks out from TC Sessions: Robotics, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve got a full day schedule packed to brim with some of the greatest minds and machines the robotics industry has to offer.

On the human side, we’ve already announced Andy Rubin, Laura Tyson, Marc Raibert, Robert Full, Melonee Wise, Ayanna Howard, Pieter Abbeel, Chris Urmson and more. As for robots — well, we’ve got plenty of awesomeness to offer on that front, too.

UCLA professor Dennis Hong will be joining us on-stage to present the latest work from his lab’s work int the fields of bipedal and humanoid robots. The team has promised a packed demo featuring a number of  its robots including the sideways walking NABi: Non Anthropomorphic Biped, along with some other surprises.

We’re also excited to take the stage with the latest version of Boston Dynamics amazing electric SpotMini quadruped. The robot has already shown off its ability to open doors and pal around with Jeff Bezos, and now Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert will be putting it through its paces on stage at the event.

Oregon-based Agility Robotics will also be on hand at the event, showing off its bipedal robot, Cassie in rare public demo. The ostrich-esque robot could one day be used for package deliveries or other service jobs.

U.C. Berkeley professor and SuitX cofounder Homayoon Kazerooni will be on-hand to present his startup’s work in the field of robotic exoskeletons. SuitX is building low-cost, wearable devices designed for industrial works and rehab patients.

Professor Ken Goldberg, meanwhile, will be demonstrating his lab’s Dex-Net system, which utilizes an off-the-shelf industrial robotic gripper trained on a deep neural network. The system is capable of performing extremely dexterous pick and place functions that could prove extremely useful in an industrial setting.

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