Community Information, Communication, and Technology (CIT) welcomed Rudiantara as the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkoinfo) for periode 2014 – 2019. The reason is because he had by the experiences and his expertise in the field of telecommunications.

According Suhono Harso Supangkat one of the Professors from Institute of Technology Bandung, Rudiantara have very good experience in the telecommunications industry, as well as the understanding and control of the existing infrastructure in Indonesia.

According to Suhono RA is really good Suhono, RA is Rudiantara nickname. The new CIT Minister will certainly face its own challenges with today’s industry ecosystem.

Smart city and smart community is one of the things that he will be facing. Because the CIT community is not only see the infrastructure. Also, there is an individual, and urban households.

He expressed that he is confident that with a managerial background that Mr. RA have, he can certainly anticipate this. Plus he is also a quick learner and a hard worker.

Suhono itself is one of the ICT Minister candidate, but he hopes under Rudiantara leadership the internet connection will have a good quality and cheap.

As one of the instigators of the smart city, Suhono other hope is that the ecosystem will also available at the level of government, the city and other communities.

Suhono pray that the new ICT Minister will be able work with duty smoothly.

What do you think about our new ICT Minister?