Currently the development of wearable devices is increasingly in many model and forms. Many of offer a sophisticated gadget, but some are offer a unique devices. One of the unique wearable devices is Cicret.

This device was created by a company called Cicret, this bracelet-shaped device able to change our hands into a Smartphone. This can be done because it has a mini projector mounted on the bracelet.

The screen size can be adjust the same way like in a Smartphone. It has the capability for users to be able to can their email by using only part of their hand, and with the same the user can also watch a video.

Everything that we can do on a Smartphone or Tablet such as watching videos, playing games, surfing the Internet and reading e-mail, all this can also be done on this bracelet device. The creators explain it.

Same thing like regular Smartphone, bracelets Cicret also equipped with a USB port, and a accelerometers that supports Bluetooth and WiFi connections. In fact, according to its inventor, Guillaume Pommier, which makes this device attractive, is because it will be added ability to use a SIM card, so it can make a call.

Cicret Details  Cool! Device That Can Turn Hand Into Smartphone cicret detail

However, the Cicret bracelet device is still a prototype that is still in the stage of crowd founding. Crowd Founding is a new form of business, where the producer needs funds for his invention, and through this Crowd Funding the money will be collected from the parties or people who are interested in financing in Crowd Founding.

It is estimated that this bracelet will be sold at a price of 300 pounds or around USD 471.85 when it was launched and will be available with a memory capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB and 10 color choices. Interested to try?

Based on the estimates of these bracelets will be sold at the price of 300 pounds, which is about USD 471.85 at the time of release to the market. It will be available with a memory capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB, and 10 color options available.

Interested to try it?