A new service presented by PT Aplikasnusa Linstasarta (Lintasarta), the new services is Managed Wan Optimizer and Private Cloud. This service can provide the need of data protection for companies who need to protect and secure their data.

Through this Cloud products and WAN, the company will be able to protect and store all forms of data their data safely. This step was taken due to the current required in response to the needs of companies who follow the progress in information technology world.

To create a safe and protected data center we can use the Private Cloud which has been implemented and already proven. While the use of WAN Optimizer will connect the network via IP VPN, IP VSAT, or SCPC VSAT which belong to Lintasarta.

According to Gidion Suranta Barus, IT Service Development General Manager, in the end of 2014 Lintasarta will issue a product Managed WAN Optimizer and Private Cloud. WAN Optimizer will connect the network via IP VPN, IP VSAT, or SCPC VSAT. While the Private Cloud is provided to a companies who need protection and security for their data.

He also explained that the WAN Optimizer equipment that used by them made by Riverbed. Riverbed itself is a company engaged in technology specializing in the tools and applications that can enhance the network performance. For product service Private Cloud they are using products made by Express Private Cloud, Advanced Private Cloud, and Enterprise Private Cloud, which already has a special expertise in the development of data security systems.

Is there any other way to secure our data?