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Custom Software and Desktop Development

Many years of successful work in the sphere of custom application development gave us great experience. Now as a professional social software development company, we are ready to implement projects of any challenge difficulty degree, start from applications for small business process automation up to the large-scale enterprise management systems.

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Popular Types of Projects

E-commerce projects are one of our major direction of custom software development services. It stands out for high rates of functional standardization. All the application components, libraries, database and solution architecture are designed by our experienced software developers and we know how to setup them successfully. You can also use our IT consulting service for creation of efficient software development life cycle.

Enterprise management systems development requires top professionalism mainly from business analysts and solution architects. Flexibility, high availability, loose coupling and scalability of such IT projects are provided by high functional saturation and application of complicated multilevel architectures. Successful enterprise level of custom development is assured by predictability of results at any stage, as well as well tested and the constancy of the process.

Desktop application development is an important branch of our software development services. We develop software utilities for various industries across platforms. Our broad experience allows us to create user-friendly desktop applications tailored to specific clients’ requirement.

We utilize technologies of C#, .NET Framework (WinForms, WPF), Entity Framework to create reliable cross-platform desktop applications:

  • Desktop software for business
  • Various utilities for software
  • Custom application for client servers
  • Graphic processing applications
  • Desktop games

Custom software development company of Socmedtech offers:

  • Trusted desktop software applications development
  • User-friendly interface and rich functionality of created projects
  • Utilization of latest technologies and tools for custom projects
  • Development of production documentation and specification

After many years of work, our agile application development team has chosen the best standard for the process practices and adjusted them to the conditions of our company by creating our own flexible and reliable development process by using scrum methodology. It’s a combination of the Rational Unified Process system (RUP) and agile software development methodology practices applied depending on the project specification and project team structure.

While it may seem that everyone and everything is running on the web and mobile phone, what’s the place for desktop applications? Is there one? How big is it? The answer is it still big and important.

What is Desktop application?

Desktop application is a self-contained program that performs a defined set of tasks under the user control. Desktop applications run from a local drive and do not require a network or connectivity to operate or function properly, though if attached to a network desktop applications might use the resources of the network.

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Why Desktop Application?

  • Rich functionality
  • Client sided data
  • Secure
  • Each of use

Software application development began with desktop applications, which could be used on standalone machines only. However, with the advent of internet and online commerce, web application development gained importance. Word processors and media players can be considered to be typical desktop applications, while an online shopping cart on an e-commerce website can be considered as a web application.

For Desktop application in the real world we have Microsoft Outlook for the desktop,Windows Media Player, Financial Desktop application, Point of Sales and many more.

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There are such no things as one fits all in the needed of software application. We analyzing which one fits into your business based on what you need, because we understand.

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