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At Socmedtech we also provide help for social organization, non-profit organization, and house of worship, to create a website. This is part of our social charity to express our care for improving life of people around us.

What’s your enthusiasm? Save the world? End neediness? Save the environment?

Whatever your main goal, the most ideal approach to bring issues to light of your reason, get individuals included, pull in volunteers and online gifts, is to make an online character that unmistakably imparts your quality recommendation.

Social organization, non-government organization, and house of worship,  need to raise fund for helping them to get their goal and objective. One of the best approach is using website to get people know about their activity and purposes. This will get people involve effectively, and also provide efficiency in getting fund from people that have the ability to provide the fund.

How about we begin and start to make your website up and running.


  1. Only for non-profit organizations or foundations or  house of worship
  2. Website created should not be to make a profit for the private
  3. 90% of organizations consists of voluntary or unpaid labor
  4. Letter of the contract must be signed by the head of the foundation and should not be through an intermediary


  1. Priority level is lower than commercial project
  2. No development time contract agreement. Usually it takes 30 business days
  3. Only provide basic feature
  4. Client can only choose from existing selection
  5. There is a bond that client must use the website within 1 year actively once it has finished developed and not allowed do major changes
  6. Support is not included in this donation project. You can purchase paid support after the warranty period is over
  7. Socmedtech offer warranty 2 days after delivery
  8. Doesn’t include domain name and hosting
  9. Client agrees to put Socmedtech link on the homepage of the developed website
  10. By approval from Socmedtech Management

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