Emerson Network Power skill is to utilize the space, capacity and efficiency of the IT infrastructure while. They just announcing about the launch of SmartCabinet in Southeast Asia region. All product components are combined in order to maintain critical IT infrastructure in order to operate efficiently.

SmartCabinet consists of a rack that is compliant with data center regulation and make it as a simple solution package. This product has been tested to ensure its compatibility by the system. With SmartCabinet we do not need to build a complex computer room.

According to Andy Liu Regional Product Manager, Emerson Network Power, Asia. In today’s digital era the data will continue to grow so that will puts pressure on the infrastructure of the data center. If it is not well managed it will provide high load and generate excessive heat, this will result in termination of the operation. That’s why IT managers should be able to make a good IT infrastructure.

Andy Liu explained below SmartCabinet also can be used as an outlet to deal with it. In it is equipped with a monitoring system, just like in a complete data center. So it can help making a better cost reductions.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and the cooling system has been installed built in within the SmartCabinet addition to that the air circulation system for hot/cold air can help to control the temperature and humidity so that it can operate properly for 24 hours in 7 days.

Protection against dust is integrated in thermal management solutions, this will help to reduce the damage to the equipment and extend the life cycle of IT equipment. This system also allows the IT staff to monitor the equipment even though they are not in the office. Because they will get notification via SMS or email if a failure occurs. If there is damage happen, there is an emergency cooling fans that can help remove heat.

Some of the main benefits of SmartCabinet is makes a good base for computer rooms and IT infrastructure. It will allow the control of the hardware whether it’s for a local office or branch even for the entire distribution network.

Do you think this equipment will help you improve your data center?