Facebook from other sites with new Save and Share Chrome Extensions facebook save and share chrome extensions

Facebook colonized the Internet with its Like that sees 10 billion views per day around the web. Now it’s getting a makeover for mobile alongside the launch of two new Save and Share Chrome extensions that let you capture content from any site.

Together, these updates should help fill the News Feed with news stories from around the web, and turn Facebook into a more full-fledged Read-It-Later service that competes with Pocket. By rooting itself deeper into people’s browsing habits, Facebook can ensure its value grows even when you’re elsewhere. And the new buttons should fuel ad targeting while pulling in more content for Facebook to show ads next to within the feed.

Getting More Likable On Mobile

Until now, the Facebook Like button actually lacked the iconic Thumbs Up seen on its site and app. By modernizing the design to switch from the  Facebook “F” to the thumb, Facebook bet people would recognize the button better. 30% of Like button impressions come from mobile where it’s rendered small and could be harder to identify. Testing showed it boosted Liking by 6%, so Facebook is rolling out the new design.

Like button - New vs. Old  Facebook from other sites with new Save and Share Chrome Extensions like button new vs old

Facebook is also updating the design for the rest of its Share, Send, Follow, Recommend, and Save buttons. They’ll have improved color consistency, use a refined flat button design that fits better with modern mobile operating system styles, and show Like and Share counts inside the button.

Developers can visit’s Facebook’s Like button configurator to select the right size and implementation for them. They won’t necessarily have to do anything, though, as the buttons’ designs will update automatically and are backwards compatible.

Chromed Out

One of the most essential parts of Pocket’s popular Read-It-Later service is its Chrome Extension. By giving you a button you can always hit to instantly save an article, it lets you browse the Internet without worrying if you don’t have time to consume something you discover.

Facebook Save Chrome Extensions  Facebook from other sites with new Save and Share Chrome Extensions facebook save chrome extensions

The new Facebook Save Chrome Extension will bring the same capability to the Save feature Facebook launched in 2014, and which has quietly grown to 300 million users per month. This way you can visit Facebook to find a list of articles you’ve saved and easily return to them. It essentially acts as a cross-device bookmarking and reminder system.

Just click the Save icon in the top right of your browser, and then access your Saved content from Facebook’s homepage or More tab bookmarks. You’ll also see a reminder list of recently Saved content in the drop-down confirmation that you Saved something new so you can instantly visit those sites.

Facebook is also making it easier to Share any site to the News Feed even if it doesn’t have a Share button built into it. The new Share Chrome Extension can be clicked from your Chrome’s browser bar to open a News Feed story composer.

By improving its colonies around the web, Facebook will be able to show it can drive more referral traffic to publishers. This is turn makes them more likely to pour effort into publishing through Facebook Pages and Instant Articles, integrate its social plugins, and buy Facebook’s ads. Whether the Facebook buttons are in the sites you visit or the browser your visit them on, they serve as a constant reminder to go back and check out what friends are doing on the inescapable social network.