Based on the report made by Global Web Index (GWI) is seen that Facebook users began to decrease. In the past six months, the growth of Facebook users is only 2 percent. When compared to the active Tumblr users which increased by 120 percent over the last six months.

From the reports that made by GWI, there almost no addition for a new users for Facebook. Although current active Facebook users globally is about 1.35 billion, still Facebook is the social networking media that already get the big profit.

As with Pinterest which grew by 57 percent. While Facebook growth is only 6 percent. It can be expected that Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTub, and Google+ will also experiencing a faster growth compared to Facebook.

The Facebook mobile application is also declining; their position under Snapchat which is growing by 56 percent and is widely used by young people aged 20 years.

Jason Mander, Head of Trend and Writer Reports GWI said “This is Facebook new challenge on the social media business”
The cause of the decline of Facebook users in several countries is due to various forms of reasons. However, based on a survey conducted in the UK and the US, nearly 50 percent of users are bored with Facebook.

Jason Mander explains: “From the beginning of 2103. It has seen a decrease of 20 percent for the activities of sharing photos and exchanging messages on Facebook”

But Facebook globally remains a largest social networking site. Because when we see the number of Internet users that has reached 3 billion people, and the users of Facebook is around 1.36 billion, this shows that the third of the world’s Internet users are Facebook users.

How often do you use Facebook now?