In the movies, especially science fiction movies, we sometimes see technologies that do not exist in the real world. However, with today rapid development in technology, ultimately all the technologies in the movies now become a reality. It could be in the future a development of this technology becomes more exciting.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality  Four Technologies From Movies in Real World Augmented Reality

This technology is a virtual reality technology, using this technology, we will be able to see still images into moving images. The tools that are already using this technology are Google Glass, which we can obtain information from the Internet through our eyes.

Then there is also Oculus Rift a virtual reality device that can take us to ‘another world’ ‘. It could be in the future there will be a device that can support digital teleportation system.

Wearable Sensors

Wearable Sensors  Four Technologies From Movies in Real World Wearable Sensors

Peoples can wear a device with this technology, to monitor their physical health. This will help reducing the doctor visits. Since doctor can see a report from the device that showed their patient health details.

In the future, this technology can be embedded into a single device, such as speedometers, heart rate and GPS tracker, allowing users to get information and tracking data to improve training and performance.

Auto Pilot

Auto Pilot in a car  Four Technologies From Movies in Real World auto pilot

At first, this technology is used by military. They were using it to send spy planes without a crew. However, now many mobile phones already have a similar technology. Such us voice commands that can monitor traffic conditions, and assist the users to get to their destination.

There is a possibility that this technology later applied also in public vehicles. So it can reduce traffic congestion, which would help increase the productivity.

Brain Wave Monitoring

Brainwave Monitoring  Four Technologies From Movies in Real World brainwave monitoring

Now there is technology that can read our minds. At the University of California Barkley, neuroscientists have made a mind reader helmet. This tool can work like the human brain.

Moreover, they also have made a more practical tool design like a small decoder who can be placed inside the human head. This enables the tool to learn to understand what people think, like-interpret the words.

Which technology you interested?