Based on a report, the explosion occurred in a heating furnace steel plant in the German city that causes “Heavy Damage” after a cyber attack on the plant computer system.

Detailed information about the incident has not yet appeared in the annual report of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

It said the attacker uses a trap to steal email login information that can give them access to the plant control system.

This led to the failure of the plant in operation and cause the furnace cannot be turned off normally.
Based on these reports, the sudden termination system causing a severed damage to the furnace.

In its report, BSI said the attackers did it very skillfully and using targeted email and social media techniques to infiltrate into the plant. According to the BSI, the attackers use the email addressed to certain people in the company who can trick people into opening messages sent and retrieve information for a login name and password.
Phishing techniques are used to help the hacker to extract the information they will use to gain access to the office network and the factory production system.

After successfully entering the network system of the steel plant, the “technical capabilities” of the attackers can be seen clearly, because once they are familiar with both systems. Both the conventional IT security systems and also special software is used to monitor and manage the factory.

BSI does not mention the name of the company or the manager of the plant when the attack occurred. Besides, they say do not know who was behind the attack or what their motivation.

The attack is one of the many who are known to have caused the damage. The most widely known example of an attack was a Stuxnet worm which used against Iran on their nuclear program.

Benjamin Sonntag, a developer of software and digital rights activist, told Reuters: “We do not expect a nuclear power plant or steel mill that will connect to the internet.

“To be a computerized system, but if it must be connected to the internet and make it easy to hack it is something unexpected,” he said.

What do you think the cause of many recent hackers attack?