Employees of Sony Pictures’ worldwide are still locked out of their computer at their company offices after it was hacked on the 24th by a group of people who call themselves “Guardians of Peace.”

Now there is some clear statement on what they want and how they do it. A person who claims to be part of that group, and called “Lena” informs the media that they do not want money: “We want equality. Sony cannot give that to them. It is a continuation of a fight …” Furthermore, she/he suggests that this whole incident was an inside job and that they have physical access to the offices of Sony: “Sony left a door unlocked, and it makes them stuck,” writes Lena. “They do not do a physical security again. Sony did not lock their doors, and we also work closely with other staff that has similar interests to enter into the computer system.”

Here you can see that from the above indications have shown the existence of the possibility of two forms of scenarios:

(1) The whole team is composed of former and / or current Sony employee, or

(2) Some employees Sony gave them sympathetic to help them achieve their goals.

We can see that from the statement that group do not the money, because there is no any demands for that, because that usually what happen on the extortion case. However, they have threatened to release a confidential data, which is very sensitive, where they have claimed they have stolen it from Sony computer if their demands were not met. Unfortunately, until now we still do not know exactly what they really want, because what has been delivered by Lena about equality is most obvious one. So far they have not seen to spread the data, and it is not clear whether Sony has negotiating with them.

Do you see any other scenario behind this hacking?