Apple founder Steve Jobs during his lifetime did not hesitate to say a spicy comment for an idea that is not in accordance with his views. Stylus pointing device is one of his target.

At the launch of the first generation iPhone at Macworld conference in 2007, he said: “Who needs a stylus? Use it and we lost it. No one needs Stylus “.

But after his death, last week Apple registered a patent for a pointing device with a shape similar to a stylus.
Information was obtained through the documents at United States Patent and Trademark Office, where the documents listed on December 4, 2014.

Apple Stylus Concept  "Hated" by Steve Jobs, "Likes" by Apple apple stylus

Illustration the use of Stylus by Apple.

Inside the document there is a picture that shows the shape of the device. It’s Looks like common stylus and similar tools as in general. But we can see Apple shows a simple design. The main thing is that this has been “forbidden” by Steve Jobs.

However, at the moment it’s only still in draft design that they going to register for a patent. So that mean is not necessarily its going into production in the near future. Besides its still not clear how it’s going to be use, and what is in the minds of Apple creating this stylus.

Maybe they are going to use it as a support tool for mobile devices, because many professionals or students need a tool that can support their work productivity.

Similarly, the iPad Mini, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Steve Jobs did not like the idea of a 7 inch tablet and Smartphone with a big screen. So this is not just this once Apple has violated the “advice” of its founder.

Do you agree with the idea of using a stylus?