Today in this era of progress and economic development, ICT is one of an industry that provides a great contribution. However, it has not been maximized but Indonesia has adequate human resources.

Executive Director of ICT Indonesia, Heru Sutadi explained that Indonesia already had a fairly human potential in the field of ICT, especially in the world, hacker from Indonesia is at third position as a most feared hacker.
Compared to the income from other industry sectors, economic development and digital technology had a great potential. He added, when compared with other sectors in the Indonesia ICT industry revenue could reach up to Rp. 13 trillion.

It is hoping that the government can help to develop the ICT industry, so that can provide a positive influence.
Heru also explained about the e-government that was expected to be realized, which definitely can promote the growth of the digital economy in the country. Since later the future of all industries will rely on ICT growth.
He more added that bureaucracy would be so much easier with the advances in the digital technology and provide more transparency in the system. Then this will make foreign companies interested in investing in Indonesia.

What do you think? Are you working in ICT industry?