Pornhub site in their report describing the Smartphone users who used Android operating system that allowed numbers of incoming pornographic content. In fact, the number of its percentage is really concerning; it is more than 50 percent.

When compared with users of other Smartphone operating systems like iOS at 40.2 percent, Windows 2.6 percent, 1.4 percent and Blackberry. Many do not realize that today’s Smartphone have become entrances from there many site with a negative content.

Today in Indonesia’s Android operating system has grown rapidly and much favored by teenagers. However, based on the opinion of Indonesia telematics expert Heru Sutadi , actually on this operating system created by Google have many weaknesses.

Play Store application is an application for market services in the Android operating system. In this application we can find one of its weaknesses, a person can easily put an application in this service. In contrast to Apple who have more stringent regulations in the application service application market.

Heru Sutadi explained there is less supervision in the Android operating system. So many applications that contain pornographic content escaped. Things like this could not have happened at Apple because of the tight control exercised. Such as the verification of applications registered in their market services aplications. That is why its need more monitoring and content filtering on Android application which is currently loaded with many porn content.

Heru Sutadi explained and also added that the pornography itself has a lot of meaning and came with different of shape, and this is the task of the government to set the limits, which part of the content is pornography and which one is not pornography. Thus the system and rules to restrict or close access to applications that have a negative element must be defined and targeted. The government must clearly show how the procedure and function of the monitoring process.

Not only pornography, another drawback from Android OS is that its easily infiltrated by unwanted programs, this happen because there no strict rule and no verification that has been done for accessing the application.

Do you often try installing applications from Play Store?