E-Marketer is a market research agency, and according to them the number of Internet users in Indonesia is reaching at 83.7 million people in 2014.

So that amount of number makes Indonesia at the 6th place for the Internet uses. The number was taken from each person who uses the Internet at least once every month.

E-Marketer predicts in 2017 Internet users in Indonesia will reach amount of 112 million users. It will beat Japan that currently at 5th place, due to the slow development of their Internet users compare to the quick rapid of Internet user increased in Indonesia.
In total, the number of Internet users in the world will reach three billion in 2015. And three years later, in 2018, it’s predicted at 3.6 billion Internet users in the world will use the Internet at least once a month.

internet-uses-list  Indonesia 6th Place For The Internet Uses internet uses list

Total and projected number of Internet users in the world, according to eMarketer

According to E-Marketer senior analyst, Monica Peart, with the capabilities of mobile phones and cheap Internet broadband connections, this is also help the rapid and quick development of internet uses. Especially in countries which cannot rely on the connection via cable. This can be happen because there are no infrastructure or money.

Peart also mentioned that countries like Indonesia and India still has a lot of opportunities that can foster the growth of its Internet users. As for the current top five Internet users in the world is, China, USA, India, Brazil, and Japan.

In America today the amount of Internet users is 252 million, while in China there are nearly twice that number, the total Internet users in China is 643 million.

How often do you use your Internet connection?