Tutorial to Developed Android Applications Using Eclipse Part 6

In a previous article we explained how to install the JDK and the Android SDK. Now we will do the installation for the Eclipse IDE, this is an application that is widely used and recommended to create Android applications.

Actually there is no installation necessary because to run Eclipse is quite easy. We just need to extract the compressed files after we download it, and extracted it. After that we need to find the Eclipse.exe to activate the program.

First we need to download Eclipse from this link. Eclipse version that can be used for this Android application development is Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) or the latest version. If you want to download it directly, here’s the link: Download Eclipse for Windows 32-bit.

The format of the downloaded file is a zip file, it is a compress file. When the download is complete, extract the files in the folder. Example, we create a folder in C drive:, give the eclipse as a folder name. Then save or put the file the C:\Eclipse folder, then extract the zip file in that folder. Find eclipse.exe file to activate the Eclipse program.

Installing the ADT Plug-in in Eclipse

After that we install the ADT (Android Development Tools) this plug-in will work to make relationship between the Eclipse IDE and the Android SDK working, which will make both tools were integrated. In order to install the ADT plug-in it is required internet connection.

Here is the step for the installation:

Download the ADT plug-in and put it in the folder that we have prepared in advance.

Enable Eclipse and select the Help menu and install new software

Eclipse IDE Installation  Installation of Eclipse IDE ADT1
Click the Add menu on the right above,

Then in the Add Repository dialog box, click the Archive button.

Enter the following information.

Eclipse IDE Installation  Installation of Eclipse IDE ADT2

Click Ok.

Check marked the box in the Available Software Developer Tools.

Click the Next button.

Then we will see what tools will be installed, click the Next button on the display.

To the license agreement, click Accept and then click Finish.

After ADT plug-in installed, then we must restart the Eclips.

So now we have the ADT Plug-in installed. Next we are going to start create an application.

Have you create an application before?