Video chat such as Skype as one form of internet technology that helps things gets easier.

Commonly, Skype is use by businessman or students, as well as family or loved one if they miss each other when they are went or live in different places or other countries.

It’s the same thing with this king who came from Africa. He also gets helped from the chat service, Skype. Unmitigated again he used to oversee and run the government from a distant. The king name is name Togbe Ngoryifia Cephas Kosi.

He did controlling his government by utilizing this Microsoft’s chat service. The region where he came from is the Hohoe region, located in southern Ghana. Meanwhile he lives in Ludwigshafen, a small town in Germany.

Since 1970 he has decided to stay in Germany after undergoing the exchange student. Since then Cephas Bansah has not stay longer with his people.The reason, he felt at home living in Germany and married in 2000.

Cepha remain living in Germany although it has been appointed as the King replacing his grandfather who died in 1987.

He also often has to stay up late at night to help resolve problems that arise in his the kingdom. Until now, he still runs his government using Skype and telephone. Hohoe government populations numbered are 200,000 people.

Recently there is news reported that thieves entered his house, and he lost the crown and a gold necklace that his grandfather’s gave him, it’s priceless. This news was delivered on a news website from the UK named Independent.

How often you use Skype? Is it every day?