The BBC reported that Europol, joint law enforcement from 19 countries including the European Union, United States and Customs (ICE), has conducted seizure of 292 domains that is used for selling counterfeit goods. Its products consist of luxury goods such as sports equipment, electronics, video bootleg and others.

This combined law enforcement has received reports from various trademark owners from August. The joint operation was conducted on a project called Project iOS, and this is done to stop the distribution of a fake goods.
Until now there are no arrests has been made. However, if anyone wants to access the site, they will see information about copyright, or they cannot be access the website at all. According to sources close to the project, they make some arrest in the near future; the purpose closing down the website is to track those behind them.

According to Europol Director Rob Wainwright, copyright infringement is currently growing problem in the western world. But he said it will cooperate with other law enforcement authorities from another countries to resolve this issue and take action against persons who responsible for such illegal activities.

A total of 1829 domain has been suspended by the Project IOS since November 2012. The figure includes the number of new operations recently held.

Director of Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Centre National (NIPRCC), Bruce Foucart said. Consumers and their family should be able to protect themselves from the evils arising from these fraudulent sites. He also added that the cooperation with international parties, this indicates a global impact arising from these fraudulent sites.

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