Microsoft shows a sophisticated device called HoleLens. The device exhibited at the same time Window 10 introduced to the public on January 21, 2015, Wednesday.

The ability of this HoleLens really amazing, because it has very fantastic features like in science fiction movies. HoloLens can create a holographic display based on something we think in our minds. In fact, this ability is considered as a combined result of Google Glass and Virtual Reality Headset Artificial made by Oculus Rift.

HoloLens already has built in CPU and GPU holographic. Bundled it’s with special programs that have been installed on the device. This is explained by The Verge, published on Friday, January 23, 2015.

Other interesting things besides holographic imaging, HoloLens also can display audio files according to what is desired by the person who use them.

Technology gadget lovers from all over the world have certainly made curious by HoloLens. But they have to be patient for now, because Microsoft stated that there are still other steps of process that must be taken. Currently, HoloLens still in its early stages.

When exactly HoloLens will be released to public to Microsoft does not provide information at all about this.

What you would use this device for when you already have it?