When we hear the word hard disk, we automatically asume that it is storage device on a computer. Probably not a lot of people knew that the hard disk was once used as a place to store data on a mobile phone.

The hard disk that used on the mobile phone is the hard disk used for a computer, but the size is smaller at approximately 1 inch. The mobile phones that use hard disk are a mobile phone made by Samsung, the model is SPH-V5400.

The hard disk used in the mobile phone has a capacity around 1.5 GB, it almost nothing when compared to today mobile phone storage capacity.

At that time when the mobile phone produced the price of a flash memory card is very high, because at the time it was launched all mobile device is using flash as based data storage, and it is still not adequate. That’s why Samsung’s choose to use hard disk and not the flash drive.

Based on the information from Phone Arena, such as computer hard disk usage is enough to make the mobile phone becomes unique. Because the hard disk is not designed to store data on a mobile phone. It’s because the media using discs and it’s very susceptible to damage, especially if it fall.

However at that time Samsung is still continue releasing the successor of Samsung V5400. Until 2005, the Samsung SGH-I300 issued which also uses the hard disk as a storage medium, but has a larger capacity, which is about 3 GB.

How large is the storage capacity on mobile phones today?