When was the last time you used a pay phone? Probably you will not remember it. Currently public payphone has become outdated equipment that still exists in our communications infrastructure. The New York City will be replacing all the public payphone. The idea has been planned for a couple years. Finally the plan has been announce, the plan are: LinkNYC – gigabit network of 10,000 WiFi hotspots will be available in all streets of New York City. This project will replace all public payphones, except public payphone which has historical value. A small tower called “Link” will be replacing all public payphone. This tower is built with WiFi, and with an Android tablet with application that can select the city part and its services, and of course, it’s has the ability to make phone calls, and it’s free.

In addition of being a modern form of communication, Link will serve billboards with digital services. New York City expects revenues of more than $ 500 million from advertising over the next 12 years, to pay the cost of network construction and maintenance of $ 200 million. Design for Link is not final, but CityBridge, the consortium behind the project, said that there will be some more designs. Striking design for commercial areas, and more subtle for residential areas. The launch was carried out in stages; CityBridge said that construction will begin early next year.

I think we should have this in our country. What do you think?