The three main things that must be considered in the preparation of IT infrastructure is disaster, data connection security and the cost. If this all is consider in the application of technology and business, then surely all will go smoothly.

Country Manager VMware Indonesia Andreas Ananto Kagawa explained on the event held by VMware with some members from the news media, which was held at Mango Tree Bistro, Plaza Senayan.

The main thing to note is a disaster in connection with the passing of a business. There needs to be a plan on establishing a data center, because if a data center is located in the disaster area, then we need to setup for data center elsewhere. So that business processes can continue to run as it can access the data. Location of the data center could be in other areas so it can provide support in the event of a disaster.

The next important thing to consider is the security of the data connections, so that the stored data can be protected. And the last one is reducing expenses. There is a need of consideration for a company to makes virtualization server. This can help reduce hardware, which will certainly help reducing the costs. In addition can also be held on the renewal application is used.

Andrew explained that the renewal of the application is a way that the software does not access through a client server, but the application can be accessed via mobile phone or Smartphone and also can be stored on a cloud system.

Given these three priorities, Andreas hopes business development in Indonesia will be more smoothly with a combination of technology that can produce a modern and practical business.

He hopes that with these important matters of business growth in Indonesia could be better, with the help of technology that can make a business more efficient, practical and modern.

Is the above matters have become part of the process in your company?