Chairman of The Indonesia Computer Business Association (ICBA), Rudi Rusdia, did not agree with the assessment that stated about the declining in Personal Computer (PC) industry. On the contrary he see that there is a persistence of the excellent prospects for the PC industry.

It’s has been seen the expected decline has occurred on a desktop PC sale. Based on data from research firm GFK it was estimated 34 percent that is 732 thousand. While in the All in One PC category there are growing 11 percent, 32 percent on tablets, while 2 in 1 mobile PCs fell 10 percent.

The total number estimated by about 8.6 million units so there is a growth of around 6 percent this year. While from the value point of view it’s down 13 percent.

Rudi explained that the market is still significant, as is now the era of convergence so it’s more mature. A transformation is needed to be performed by the PC industry. This was conveyed at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), at the opening of Indocomtech 2014 in Jakarta.

The PC industry is undergoing a transformation and this has been done many vendors. Many PC hardware vendors have move to back office or data center industry, end-to-end solution, or tablet PC.

He’s also added that this year there will be about 30 million units, or less than 30 percent of the total population in Indonesia PCs. So prospect for PC is still pretty good.

Another thing that causes a decline in the PC category is because there is a rapid increase in sales of 33.1 million units of Smartphone. It’s grown 59 percent and 47 percent of the value.

Feature phone market is declined, widened 24 percent to 27.7 million, from the value fell 28 percent. This is due to the popularity of smarphone.

Rudi also revealed that for the whole, the mobile phone has penetrated the market more than 100 percent.

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