Currently there are many forms of information stored in paper. They are still around 90% still many who using paper for storing media. However, we can only use once. This is what gives the scientists idea in California to create a new type of paper that can be erased and reused to print.

Based on the report. The paper can be used up to 20 times without any reduction in quality. In fact, according to a researcher, not needed special ink or other additional equipment, that makes it more economical.

Using the process works more or less the same concept in a colorful picture. Because the base color consists of red, blue and green. The combination of colors that is processed to produce white. Although arguably not the color white. This is not due to the printing process, but because of the chemicals that already exist on the paper. So when exposed to oxygen it will automatically delete the text or image, and return it to the white color. Based on the record of the researcher, the letters were printed still could use a high resolution setting.

Based on reports from UPI use of paper in the North American region of 500 tonnes of paper per capita per year. Heating will greatly assist the erasing process; at least it takes about 20 minutes.

How much paper do you use to print each day?