QA and Software Testing

//QA and Software Testing
  • Performs QA Testing
    Are you facing difficulty in programming? Unable to catch the bugs? Leave it to us! We will fix your minor html, .NET, css, jquery, javascript, ASP, PHP bugs and show you what the problem was.  
    • Fix HTML, .NET, CSS, JQuery, PHP, ASP bugs
    • Find root cause and describe the details
    • Implement and test the solution
  • Multibrowser Test
    Most of the time users judge the credibility of websites or mobile apps in as little as 5 seconds.  Do not let a poor user experience drive away users or potential customers and harm your reputation. We have experiences in many business applications, such as E-Commerce, CMS, Banking, Warehouse, Gaming apps, etc and we will use these valuable experience to improve your website usability and conversion rate. We will valuate your site as normal visitor and provide constructive feedback for improvement.
    • Test your websites, online shops, mobile apps within one hour, not just one or two pages
    • We will write an excellent QA report, including any found bugs and our constructive feedback
    • Easy to follow and actionable advise is included